[1st August 2018] We’re thrilled to announce an updated GWAS analysis of the UK Biobank.


GWAS results

GWAS round 2 :

Results shared 1st August 2018.

Imputed genotypes from HRC plus UK10K & 1000 Genomes reference panels as released by UK Biobank in March 2018.

GWAS round 2 results can be found here

GWAS round 2 Github code repository

GWAS round 2 Blog post: Addition of Biomarker GWAS results

GWAS round 2 Blog post: Genotyped SNPs in UK Biobank failing Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium test

GWAS round 2 Blog post: Genetic correlation results for heritable phenotypes in the UK Biobank

GWAS round 1:
Results shared 20th September 2017.
Imputed genotypes from HRC as released by UK Biobank in May 2017.

GWAS round 1 Blog post announcing the release
GWAS round 1 Blog post describing details of how we conducted the GWAS
GWAS round 1 GWAS results
GWAS round 1 Github code repository



Read our series of blog posts on understanding and estimating heritability in complex traits:

Heritability of >2,000 traits and disorders in the UK Biobank
An overview of the heritability analyses we performed on the UK Biobank data.

Heritability 101: What is “heritability”?
A layman's explanation of what we mean by "heritability" of a trait.

Heritability 201: Types of heritability and how we estimate it
Learn about the different types of heritability and how these related to each other.

Heritability 501: LDSR-based h2 in UKBB for the technically minded
A technical deep dive in to how we used LD Score regression to estimate heritability in the UK Biobank data set.

Insights from estimates of SNP-heritability for >2,000 traits and disorders in UK Biobank
We discuss what we have learned so far from the heritability analysis of the UK Biobank phenotypes.


Got questions about our GWAS of the UK Biobank?

What samples, markers and phenotypes we used? The format of our GWAS results files? Use permissions of the results? How to cite our results?
Read our FAQs.


the team

Core contributors:

Liam Abbott, Sam Bryant, Claire Churchhouse, Andrea Ganna, Daniel Howrigan, Duncan Palmer, Ben Neale, Raymond Walters, Caitlin CareyThe Hail team

Verneri Anttila, Krishna Aragam, Alex Baumann, Joanne Cole, Mark J. Daly, Rob Damian, Mary Haas, Joel Hirschhorn, Eric Jones, Ruchi Munshi, Manuel Rivas, Sailaja Vedantam


thank you

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the UK Biobank for creating such a rich and unprecedented resource and, furthermore, for making it publicly available to the community. We received continuous administrative support from the UK Biobank Research Access Administration team, in particular from Tobietta Rhyman who helped make this process as smooth as possible.