[1st August 2018] We have now released results of an updated "round 2" version of GWAS for the UK Biobank.

We’ve expanded the number of phenotypes to 4,203 (up from the 2,419 last time), included more individuals (361,194 to be exact), and tightened up some QC considerations and relaxed others and by popular demand included a bunch more covariates including 20 principal components (up from 10), age, age2, sex, age*sex and age2*sex.

We’ve also generated sex-specific results to accompany the main GWAS results, generating more than 100 billion genetic associations. Just as before, we’ve released all the results, freely for download here, or see the round 2 results and GitHub links under "GWAS Results" on our UK Biobank GWAS landing page.

All the code we used to run the analyses can be found on GitHub (hat tip to the sleuths that watched the repo and pinged us about when the next release was coming). And of course big thanks to Liam Abbott, Sam Bryant, Claire Churchhouse, Andrea Ganna, Daniel Howrigan, Duncan Palmer, Raymond Walters, Caitlin Careythe Hail team and most importantly the UK Biobank for making the creation of this resource possible.

We’ve also redesigned our site to make navigating around more accessible, including a direct link to the README and a Frequently Asked Questions page.

For now, we’re still hosting the previous version of results, but are in the process of evaluating user access in the future as we update the GWAS results.